Awesome Artist: Gill Cameron/Line for a Walk

“Swimmer” by Line for a Walk

It’s been radio silence here on the blog for several months. I have lots of travel posts to catch up on (Hawaii, Aruba, Savannah, Charleston, Florida, Ireland), but in the mean time I’m eager to share something home-related that I just happened to have discovered while traveling earlier this fall.

In September, my mom and I jetted off to Sydney for 10 days, an epic experience I’ll write more about later. We spent two days and nights of our trip in Bondi, the famous beach town about a 20-minute drive southeast of the city. There, I scratched off a bucket list item when we stood on the decks of Bondi Icebergs and watched swimmers bathe in the oceanfront pool as waves crashed over its edges. I loved the scene so much that we went back on our second day in town just to watch some more.

On our final night in Bondi, on the way back to our hotel after dinner, we passed the Gould Street Art Gallery. Surprised to see it was still open, we ducked inside. There, we spotted the picture above—by Australian artist Gill Cameron, who creates art under the name Line for a Walk—and I knew I had to have it. The peaceful swimmer reminded me so much of the bathers at Bondi Icebergs. Several similar paintings hung nearby (including “Afternoon Sun,” below), but the Swimmer print I initially fell in love with was the only one available unframed. I couldn’t risk taking framed prints on our flight and arriving home to find the glass shattered. So, the gallery owner flat-wrapped the unframed Swimmer print for me, and I tucked it between layers in my suitcase for the long trip home, to be framed later.

“Afternoon Sun” by Line for a Walk

Once home, though, I still couldn’t get the other colorful prints out of my mind. I contacted Gill via email to ask if she had any unframed prints available, and she did. We wrote back and forth a few times about size and price options, and then I put the paintings out of my mind, figuring I’d revisit the idea later. Eventually, I forgot about them completely. Until this past weekend, that is, when, for my birthday, my mom surprised me with two of the prints I’d seen in the Gould Street gallery, matted and framed to perfectly match the look that I’d created for my “Swimmer” print at Framebridge. It turns out, I wasn’t the only one writing e-mails to Australia about the other prints. My mom had written to the gallery’s owner herself and had arranged to buy unframed prints of the paintings we’d seen. Thanks to some folks at our hometown framing shop, they’re now framed identically to my beloved “Swimmer” print, and I’ll always have memories of those Bondi Icebergs bathers to enjoy here at home.

You can also find Line for a Walk on Facebook and Instagram.


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