Southwestern Kale Power Salad with Sweet Potato, Quinoa & Avocado Sauce

Southwestern Kale Power Salad | Day In / Day Out

Last weekend I did something totally unusual for me: I planned our meals in advance for the entire week ahead (granted, it took some urging from my husband after I complained about being tired of eating the same things all the time). And you know what? It was helpful. It saved me a bunch of time by eliminating that 15-minute period each evening where I stand slack-jawed in front of the open fridge trying to decide what to put together. With the exception of one soup that came out drastically different from the recipe I’d followed, all of our meals were pretty good. (Here’s what we ate on Monday, here’s the questionable soup, from Tuesday, and here’s our dinner from Wednesday.) Last night’s dinner, though, was head and shoulders above the rest. I used this recipe from Cookie + Kate to create big bowls filled with whole, healthful ingredients and a lot of bright, zingy flavors from limes, cilantro, feta, and spices. I am by no means a food photographer, but these power salads were so good and so pretty that I had to share them anyway. I followed the recipe exactly, but you could change up a few things here and there if you wanted to. I will say that the 1.5 jalapeños I put into the avocado sauce went nearly undetected, so if you like a little more heat, do it up. Thanks to Cookie + Kate for an awesome meal we’ll be eating again!

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