Wine Wednesday: TY KU Coconut Sake Cocktails

Sake Cocktails via

I’m a big fan of opening a bottle of wine during the week so I can have a glass (or many) while I’m making dinner, or to sip while I knock a chapter out of whatever book I’m reading. Last night, though, I found myself in the horrifying position of being without a bottle in the house at the end of a seriously stressful day. Happily (and heroically, I think), I remembered two bottles of this coconut sake by TY KU that have been sitting on the bottom shelf of our fridge since the beginning of summer, and that I’d even gone to the grocery store a couple weekends ago to get a few things to mix it with. Serendipitously, in the miserable absence of wine, I discovered that I love sake cocktails! I typically reserve sake drinking for sushi dinners out of the house, but after last night’s little experiment I’m going to start stocking our bar cart with bottles and enjoying it here at home.

Ready to give it a try? You can find a few simple recipes on TY KU’s website, here. I made the Chakra Colada last night and will wet myself down with a Lotus Mimosa this evening, but I also plan to play around with St. Germain at some point.

Until then, kanpai!

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