Favorites From Around the Web: July 31, 2015

Ladyslider "Salt Water Therapy" via www.dayin-out.com
This was my favorite image of the week, from my favorite new blog find, Ladyslider.


I owe my parents a big thank you for all those piano lessons they made me take.

Do you suffer from Instagram Anxiety, too?


If I could pull it off (and afford it), I’d buy this sushi-covered swimsuit.

This porcelain ice cream cone would be the perfect, guilt-free way to enjoy my favorite food.


If you’ll be in Istanbul soon and you loved Breaking Bad, don’t miss this crazy coffee shop.

A big break came—at last—in the case of MH370 this week.

LaGuardia Airport is about to undergo a massive—and much-needed—makeover.


Cara Delevigne wasn’t feeling the anchors of Good Day Sacramento during this awkward interview.

I will forever be a fan of Jimmy Kimmel for this poignant monologue.


I’ve been loving these playlist-based workouts by POPSUGAR lately.


There’s a battle brewing over pepperoni rolls back home in West Virginia. (And in case you’re not familiar with this Mountain State delicacy, here you go.)

Did you find any gems on the Internet this week? If so, share! Whatever you do, enjoy the weekend!

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