Bedtime Blog Reading: Favorites From Around the Web

Favorites from Around the Web via
My Mr. and I returned home yesterday afternoon from a blissfully low-key week in Maine with his (and now my!) family. We spent the week reading, going for jogs and walks, eating ice cream, napping, searching for puffins from the deck of a boat, driving aimlessly, taking pictures, watching fireworks, climbing on rocks, and generally soaking in every last morsel of Americana that Vacationland has to offer. (Did I mention all the ice cream we ate?) Apart from a few Instagram posts,  I was quiet on social media and my blog, but I found plenty of time to enjoy the Internet purely as spectator. But now, for your bedtime blog-reading pleasure, I’m back with a few of my favorite finds from the week and today. Happy weekend!


Today was National Kitten Day, and in honor of the occasion I watched Kittens Meet Puppies on repeat.

Patti LuPone won’t think twice about taking your phone away during her performance.

I don’t know who half of them are, but it’s always fun to see which celebs are sitting courtside at Wimbledon.


This truck driver’s story of going vegan on the road is inspiring to the nth degree.


I constantly fret over the sad state of my nails, but this article might help me kick my split cuticles to the curb for good.

Brazilian women are burning their hair on purpose, and it’s crazy.


The good, the bad, and the (sometimes truly) ugly—street style highlights from Paris Couture Week

Nicky Hilton’s wedding gown was regal, timeless, and tasteful.

Who knew Nordstrom offers a debit card? (And will it promote healthier spending habits?)


Mark Ellwood makes a strong case for going to Greece anyway.

The hours I could kill perusing entries in the and National Geographic Traveler photo contests! (Check out my entry here.)

My recent post about studying abroad (or not) got some good traffic last week, in case you missed it.

This adventurous couple is putting an entirely new spin on retirement, and it’s awesome.

This story isn’t new, but I now subscribe to ExitFares emails and dream daily about jetting off somewhere the next morning.


It’s hard to believe (and scary as hell) that Coldplay’s debut album, Parachutes, came out 15 years ago today.

Morrissey is growing increasingly crotchety as the years go by, but I still love him.

Damon Albarn got carried off stage at Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark in a five-hour set he just wasn’t ready to end.


People are freaking out over Harper Lee’s new/old book.

Goodreads is my new online addiction. What’s everyone reading right now?

Writing the perfect pitch is hard.  


I’ve been thinking about this invaluable bit of advice a lot lately, as it applies to so much more than just food.

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