Kitchen DIY: Does-It-All Herb Oil from Los Tamarindos Farm

Though there were many, another highlight of my stay at One&Only Palmilla last month was an afternoon visit to Huerta Los Tamarindos, a beautiful organic farm and restaurant in San Jose del Cabo that grows a rainbow of produce—artichokes, eggplant, and everything in between—and offers intimate cooking classes under the tutelage of its esteemed chefs. Chef Enrique Silva welcomed us to Los Tamarindos with glasses of chilled lemongrass tea, and, after a walk around the grounds to see what was sprouting up, we got right to work in our own condensed class. We whipped up a jug of does-it-all herb oil, and Chef Silva plied us with garden-fresh gazpacho and mini-margaritas as we worked. Loaded with fresh garlic and herbs, the fragrant oil makes a deceivingly simple gourmet base for sautéeing and pan-frying (think elevated scrambled eggs), or a luscious and luxurious dip for a loaf of warm, crusty bread. The recipe is below (as are some more scenes from the farm), but, as Chef Silva pointed out, this is an oil you can constantly add to as you find your fridge filling up with surplus garlic and herbs for a handy-dandy countertop staple that’s always useful and ever-changing in flavor.

Huerta Los Tamarindos Herb Oil

2 oz. rosemary
2 oz. thyme
2 oz. sage
2 oz. marjoram
2 oz. basil (we used purple basil, if you can find it)
2 oz. oregano
2 garlic heads, minced
1 qt. extra virgin olive oil
1 qt. sunflower oil
Sea salt and fresh black pepper to taste

Remove all leaves from herbs’ stems. Discard stems, and mince herbs. In a large container, like a sterilized mason jar, combine oils, herbs, garlic, salt, and pepper. Use for pan-frying, sautéeing, or as a simple dip for warm bread.
Herb Oil from Los Tamarindos Farm via
Herb Oil from Los Tamarindos Farm via www.dayin-out.comIMG_6698
I was on purple basil chopping duty. Happily, too, as I knew the scent would linger on my fingertips long after class was dismissed.
Remember the Ik Margarita I lusted over at Nizuc a few weeks back? This was one was eerily—and awesomely—similar. IMG_6700
Black and white radishes, green eggplant, and a frothy little shot of gazpacho.IMG_6701
Chef Silva, sizing up the artichoke situation. 
Los Tamarindos lost practically all of its produce during Hurricane Odile. Plenty of plants and veggies are now on the rebound, and eventually these little seedlings will be transferred to the main garden, where they’ll grow and be harvested, too. IMG_6680IMG_6677IMG_6678
A lovely little spot at Los Tamarindos for some lemongrass tea and (DIY) lunch.
IMG_6703Los Tamarindos Farm via

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