Wine Wednesday: Club W

Club W via
Like any red-blooded American girl, I love a good bottle glass of wine. But being a creature of habit, when I find one I like it gets put on heavy rotation until another discovery comes along. Over the past 10 years, my taste has evolved through just four reds—Cabernet Sauvignon, Rioja, Pinot Noir, and, more recently, Malbec—and precisely one white: Sauvignon Blanc. (That’s assuming bubbles don’t count.) The world of wine is a vast one, though, and I’ve long suspected that I’m missing out by not expanding my knowledge of varietals and blends. But I’ve never really known where to start. Enter Club W. IMG_6844

Here’s how it works: Sign up online and take a quick quiz to determine your Palate Profile. Based on your profile, Club W recommends three bottles made by its partner winemakers. If you like what you see based on the bottles’ brief video descriptions, you accept. If not, you can scrap one, two, or all three recommendations and pick your own instead. Since my whole reason for joining Club W was to discover new wines, I immediately went along with its picks. Content with what’s in your cart? Enter payment info, input address, and await the arrival of your liquid goodies. IMG_6850
The bottles arrive in a neatly packed box, complete with a corresponding card for each that contains information about the wine and its maker, plus a recipe pairing on the reverse side. Club W via www.dayin-out.comIMG_6856
I’ve received just one order so far—as promised, my bottle of Pregame went down easy, especially with buttery whole-grain crackers and melty, gooey Brie—and have a second on the way, but I’m already in love with this idea and can’t wait to find some new favorites. Cheers to new discoveries! 

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