Exploring the ATL: The World of Coca-Cola

A couple weeks ago we had a visitor for the weekend, which was the perfect excuse to go out and explore a little bit of our new city. My Mr. and I had heard about the World of Coca-Cola—the company is headquartered here—but weren’t sure if we were interested in actually visiting. Cheesy tourist attraction, we thought. Well, when you have company visiting from out of town, all bets are off and even tourist traps make the list of possible things to do. So, we went. And it turns out, it was pretty cute. Our visit kicked off with a short, sentimental film that illustrates Coca-Cola’s global reach (its theme of connectivity and one-ness made the traveler in me weepy). From there, we toured a mock bottling facility, visited the vault where the original recipe is stored, and—my favorite—got a massive sugar buzz in the international tasting room. (My favorites were a Melon Frosty Fanta from Thailand and a Pineapple Fanta from Greece.) We even taste-tested a new Mango Fanta. By the end of our two hours inside, our curiosity was quenched. World of Coca-Cola via www.dayin-out.comWorld of Coca Cola via www.dayin-out.com IMG_6191IMG_6192
These beautiful bottles were designed for the Atlanta Olympics and represent different countries.IMG_6194IMG_6196IMG_6197IMG_6201IMG_6203
So much vintage and international Coca-Cola paraphernalia is kept and displayed here. IMG_6208
How the bottling process works…
The Vault, where the original recipe is stored. Or, so they say.IMG_6216
“Surveillance” is heavy in there.IMG_6217
These magical monitors turned the faces of passersby into effervescence. IMG_6218IMG_6219
There it is—The Vault.IMG_6222IMG_6224
Recognize that guyIMG_6230
Another favorite from the tasting room—banana-flavored Inca Kola, which you’ve undoubtedly tried if you’ve been to Peru.IMG_6236
Asian Coke products…IMG_6237
And European…
Even African.
And, of course, American.IMG_6241IMG_6244IMG_6246
A fridge full of Mango Fanta. SO sweet, yet, so good. IMG_6247IMG_6249
And complimentary glass-bottle Cokes for everyone on their way out. IMG_6253IMG_6261IMG_6263
The shop was loaded with nostalgia, too, like these soda-flavored Lip Smackers, which were so ubiquitous among my friends and me so many years ago.IMG_6264
Sometimes, a little nostalgia just hits the spot.

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