A Drive to Delray Beach

Delray Beach via www.dayin-out.com
On our trip to Palm Beach last week, my Mr. and I drove down A1A to Delray Beach, a laid-back beach town I used to escape to for live music and shopping for wares by local artisans. This time, we stopped for dinner at one of my old favorite spots, DADA. I hadn’t been to Delray since I left 11 years ago, and the town is more vibrant and buzzy than ever before. DADA is under new ownership since I last ate there, but the warm and cozy atmosphere was very much the same. We ordered small plates—mandarin orange gazpacho, a kale salad with sardines and parmesan, a Moroccan medley of couscous and hummus, and, for him, bacon-wrapped dates—and I braved a strawberry-basil mojito, which muscled me out of the ring.IMG_6030 IMG_6031_2 Delray Beach via www.dayin-out.com IMG_6034
I’ve always loved Delray’s slightly boho vibe. IMG_6037_2
The highlight of the night was dessert at Sloan’s, to which I give credit for my ice cream addiction. My old Coffee & Donuts standby was still on the menu, and I combined it with a scoop of Cookie Monster since two flavors are always better than one. IMG_6038_2 IMG_6040 IMG_6042_2 IMG_6043 IMG_6044_2 IMG_6045_2 IMG_6046_2 IMG_6047_2 IMG_6048_2 IMG_6049_2
The bathroom at Sloan’s leaves little to the imagination, but when you lock the door, the windows frost over. Maybe I’m immature, but this idea never gets old. IMG_6050_2 IMG_6051_2
Sloan's Ice Cream via www.dayin-out.com
Sloan’s is one of those places that can pull me out of a slump or, in this case, make an already-perfect day even better. Do you have a spot like that?

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