Eau.M.G.! Inside Florida’s Funkiest Luxury Resort

Eau Palm Beach via www.dayin-out.com
I lived in the Palm Beach area for a year and a half right out of college, and one of my favorite rituals was my daily drive to and from work along A1A—blue ocean to my right, mega-mansions to my left. Last week I returned to Palm Beach for a stay at the new-ish Eau Palm Beach. The hotel occupies what used to be The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach, which I passed every day on that drive. So, when I heard that the hotel had re-branded and that Jonathan Adler had re-imagined its oceanfront suites, I couldn’t wait to see it for myself. You guys—it did not disappoint. The lobby and ground floor remain true to the Ritz-Carlton’s very classic style—crystal chandeliers, ivory upholstery, opulent floral arrangements, nothing out of place—but everything changes upstairs when you step off the elevator. Boom! Shades of blue, aqua, and turquoise burst from the carpet and the wallpaper, and everything from the headboard to the side tables are splashed with geometric patterns. Mod light fixtures twinkle overhead, and cheeky art adorns the walls. If Mad Men and The Greenbrier spent a drunken night in bed together, this is the baby they’d birth—and it’s a match made in hotel heaven.

It all started with a champagne check-in. I didn’t care what happened from here.
Eau Palm Beach via www.dayin-out.comEau Palm Beach via www.dayin-out.com
Mirrored. Bamboo. Wallpaper. Eau Palm Beach via www.dayin-out.comEau Palm Beach via www.dayin-out.comEau Palm Beach via www.dayin-out.com
This bathroom. So good!
The only thing missing from this picture? Liz Taylor and her That’s Entertainment caftan lounging on the couch. IMG_5961IMG_5959Eau Palm Beach via www.dayin-out.comIMG_5958IMG_5957IMG_5956_2Eau Palm Beach via www.dayin-out.com
We’ve all seen (and probably owned) a pair of these mustache/lip mugs. IMG_5985_2Eau Palm Beach via www.dayin-out.com
Not just a myth. Mirrors with built-in TVs do exist!IMG_6145
Finally, a hotel where my ancient Benefit makeup bag didn’t feel too girlish or out of place—rather, right at home! Eau Palm Beach via www.dayin-out.comIMG_5971_2IMG_5970_2IMG_5969IMG_5996_2Eau Palm Beach via www.dayin-out.com
Perhaps not until this visit did I realize just how colorful Palm Beach is. The boldes, most brilliant blues!Eau Palm Beach via www.dayin-out.comIMG_6086
Eau, what a fun place to stay! What’s your favorite funky hotel?

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