(Nearly) Naked & Unafraid

Miss Nearly Naked Lady Atlanta 2015If you live in Atlanta and don’t have weekend plans yet, listen up. Back in Boston and New York I loved going to the occasional comedy show, so I was excited when I caught wind of a two-night event happening here, but with a much different twist. So, last night we headed downtown to Snake Nation Gallery to check out the first night of Miss Nearly Naked Lady Atlanta. The show, hosted by comedian and VH1’s Best Week Ever cast member Pat Dixon and xoJane editor-at-large and former New York Post columnist Mandy Stadtmiller, features female comedians—performing in their underwear. One by one ladies took to the gallery’s floor clad in boyshorts, fishnets, and bike shorts—even a pair of Wonder Woman briefs. Some recounted their younger selves’ ill-fated sexual exploits in gory detail. Some role played to slapstick effect. All were bold, funny, and bad-ass for baring (almost) all in the name of some deep belly laughs. But that’s not all. At the end of the show, audience members vote for their favorite fearless female performer. The winner will be crowned Miss Nearly Naked Lady Atlanta 2015 and whisked off to NYC for booked performances, comedy club tours, and appearances on Dixon’s and Stadtmiller’s podcasts. The ladies alternate stage time with area stand-up comedians (expect dick pic, pot, and political jokes aplenty), making for a night well spent in the company of some of Atlanta’s funniest folks. There are two more shows tonight, and tickets (only $15!) are available here. Planning to go? Tell me what you think in the comments and here!

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