Exploring the ATL: Scott Antique Markets

Scott Antique Market Atlanta via www.infinitelindsay.wordpress.com
Just before we moved to Atlanta, a friend in Birmingham told me about Scott Antique Markets. My Mr. and I had signed a lease on an apartment with more style, character, and space than the one we were leaving, so we were eager to furnish it with pieces we truly love. This place sounded like the perfect resource. Scott Antique Markets are only open on the second weekend of each month, so we didn’t want to miss our first chance to check it out. On Saturday afternoon we decided to drive over to get the lay of the land, not really knowing what to expect and certainly not expecting to come home with anything. I ended up wanting so many things we saw, and we actually came home with two of them.
In need of a rug for our dining room, we made our first stop at a stall selling antique Persian and Turkish rugs. So many shades of blue, red, green, taupe, and orange in a never-ending array of patterns. IMG_5638IMG_5637
After stopping at a number of stalls selling similar-style rugs, we happened on to this beauty. After a little negotiating with its seller, my Mr. managed to get the price down a couple hundred dollars—and it was ours! I was especially excited to claim it, as it resembled the rug in this renovated kitchen more closely than any other we’d found.   IMG_5636
Feeling a slight high from scoring our first investment piece as Mr. and Mrs., we mosied down another aisle, where I spotted this adorable writing desk. A desk was one of my top furniture priorities upon moving to Atlanta since, for the time being, anyway, I’m working from home as a full-time freelancer. I wanted to have a work space that’s stylish and inspiring, but my search for a desk had so far only taken me to West Elm, CB2, and Dot & Bo. I fell in love with this one, and after chatting a bit with its seller I learned that it had come from a home in Coral Gables, Florida, whose owner outfitted it with a whole assortment of mint-green pieces. IMG_5635
It was a little dirty and we weren’t sure that much of it would come off, so we left it there and decided to sleep on it. I couldn’t forget about it that night, so the next morning we went back—soapy sponge and towels in hand—to see if the spots would come off. They did, and the little mint table took on a whole new life. A bit of successful negotiating and we brought it home!IMG_5634
In addition to the desk, I was smitten by these chairs, which their seller said were painted by an artist on Cape Cod who was a protege of the folk artist Peter Hunt. (Damned if I can’t remember her name now!) I can picture them in a charming beach cottage but think they’d look equally at home in a rustic farmhouse. Or at my parents’ house, perhaps?
Some of my other favorites included this hefty dining table with floating, swiveling seats…IMG_5639
… and this emerald-green chest (my guess: Chinese), which I now want to write a Missed Connections post for. I don’t have anywhere to put it (or, likely, enough cash to buy it), but it kind of took my breath away and I’m sad I missed my chance.IMG_5640
If you know me, you know how excited I was to see this sign. I stopped in for a chocolate-black raspberry custard combo, while my Mr. snacked on a bag of popcorn. IMG_5642
Then it was back to the floor for more browsing. I’m not a big fan of anything pink, but the tiny, uniform dots on this pitcher and its accompanying glasses made me swoon. I’d buy it for an evenin’ spent sippin’ sweet tea on the patio on a swelterin’ Georgia summer night.
More rugs. The big one is the only black one I saw. With the pops of orange and red? So much drama! I also love the peach and blush-colored ones, like those two hiding in the lower right-hand corner.IMG_5645
As if one warehouse weren’t enough, Scott Antique Markets comprises two. We headed over to the second spot, which one parking attendant had told us sold more affordable items (in other words, “junk,” I thought). We were pleasantly surprised to find it loaded with bigger pieces, like beds, cabinets, dressers, and farm tables. Newer, maybe, but they were still beautiful and so well made. We did spot a handful of stunning antique pieces, like this long bench, which I like to think was a church pew in its past life…
…and this super-skinny, low-slung one, which I desperately wish I’d scooped up. How cool would it be placed in front of our four-panel floor-to-ceiling sliding doors (they open up to certain death, as there’s no balcony to step out onto) lined with unruly plants in a variety of painted and patterned flower pots? I might have to track it down at next month’s market. IMG_5648
I’ve never loved grandfather clocks—there’s something a little too Alice in Wonderland about them for me—but I do appreciate them, as they remind me of the one that still stands in my parents’ living room. Not until this one had I seen one 10 feet tall. Mammoth!
One stall in the second building sold beautiful, brightly colored window treatments and pillow covers. I loved this bright, slightly bohemian window panel. Very Anthro.IMG_2138
I was pretty excited to spot this guy. I’ve seen ghost chairs in a number of blogs I follow and I had long considered buying one when I eventually found a desk. With that latter task now completed, I took a test sit in this chair and found it surprisingly comfy. But at $195 a pop, I knew I could find it for less online. (I did, and it’ll be here tomorrow!)IMG_2140IMG_2141IMG_2142
Perhaps not for my own home, but I also loved these antique blue-and-white Chinese pieces. I’m fascinated by Chinese culture and love how intricate their artistry is. IMG_2144
This place was packed with plenty of tchotchkes, too… IMG_2147IMG_2146IMG_2148
…plus vintage cameras…IMG_2152
…and miniature baseball bats, which reminded me of going to Pirates games as a kid.IMG_2145
These chairs’ fun shape reminded me of PAC-MAN. With their weathered peachy-copper tone, I could picture them on a wood deck or stone patio facing a glossy, gleaming-white chiminea. On the other hand, the options would be endless if their new owner decided on a fresh coat of paint.IMG_2149
Silly, maybe, but this fish was painted crisp, bright white, and the “Got Fish” lettering was actually a blazing neon coral, which made for a really fun contrast. IMG_2153
I like to think this marching band hat is a vintage find from Marshall University, but with thousands of high schools and colleges out there, who knows? Any guesses?IMG_2151
I have a feeling Scott Antique Markets is a place we’ll visit often. If not to shop, then just to marvel at all its incredible, storied stuff. Have you ever been? What did you find?

2 thoughts on “Exploring the ATL: Scott Antique Markets

  1. What an extraordinary shop! I was pleased to hear of your finds…love the acrylic chair you bought, and the desk is mint! Your new dining room setup looks so inviting, can’t wait to share some good times there!

    So look forward to a visit during my MIL weekend coming up!

    Ms L (mother in law)


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