Bali Diary, Part 2: Exploring Jimbaran

Travel can provide a glamorous means of escape, but it can also bring you face to face with the grittier elements of a place, and the latter is what I love most. During our stay at RIMBA, we took an excursion into Jimbaran. While our plan was to visit Jimbaran’s famous fish market, we had to change course when we learned it was closed that day. Instead, we wound our way through a public market bursting at the seams with everything from produce for offerings to chopped-up chicken carcasses; dodged cars, motor bikes, and other pedestrians in the busy streets; and took a look inside a local temple, trying our best to steer clear of a cock fight in progress. It was loud and frantic compared to life at RIMBA, but what a thrill!
Fishing boats were packed together like sardines on the beach. IMG_4697
We came to another section of the beach where locals were building these beautiful penjor, which are displayed during special occasions and ceremonies in Bali, like weddings, temple anniversaries, and during Galungan season.IMG_4686IMG_4682IMG_4678IMG_4677IMG_4672IMG_4671IMG_4669IMG_4667IMG_4665
In town, we tied on sarongs and sashes and took a look around a temple. P1000840IMG_4740P1000839 P1000838IMG_4745 IMG_4749
Some folks made offerings or prayed and some chatted casually in small groups, but one group of guys was about to fire up a cockfight, so that’s when we made our exit…IMG_4756P1000837
The public market in Jimbaran was a little chaotic, with baskets and bins full of stuff everywhere. The vendors were plenty friendly, though, and didn’t seem to care whether we were interested in what they were selling. They had real business to do.  IMG_4735 IMG_4732 IMG_4731 IMG_4729
Back outside, where the streets felt like a video game. Look both ways (and look again), or it’s Game Over.  IMG_4728 IMG_4727 IMG_4726IMG_4706
One thing I really love about Bali is that temples aren’t only public spaces. Homes there have their own temples, too, and we passed what felt like hundreds of private ones as we wove our way through the crazy streets.
Have you been to Jimbaran? Share your highlights, and stay tuned for more Bali!

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