Bali Diary, Part 1: RIMBA Jimbaran

P1000756It’s not every day you get to cross a destination off your travel bucket list, but that’s what happened for me a couple weeks ago after an invitation to visit Bali for a week—staying at three different properties—landed in my inbox. Bali first popped up on my radar a few years ago when I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Eat, Pray, Love” (I admit it: I loved it), and in the last year or so it seemed like every blogger, designer, and yogi I follow on Instagram was headed to, returning from, or currently frolicking on the island. I was intrigued by the Indonesian island half a world away, but never could I have guessed that I’d get a chance to go there myself. And having seen plenty of pictures of Bali’s beautiful beaches and jungles, I also never could have imagined how much more the tiny island paradise has to offer. There’s too much to share in a single post, so I’ll be splitting my trip into several over the next few days, starting with my arrival in Jimbaran…IMG_4517IMG_4519IMG_4975I spent the first two nights of my visit at RIMBA Jimbaran Bali, an eco-chic hotel surrounded by lush, green forest. One of my favorite things about the hotel is how it combines natural materials and contemporary design—and, of course, crazy views. One thing I love most when traveling is arriving to a new place after dark and waking in the morning to discover my view. Opening my blinds and stepping out onto my balcony to see forest, flowers, blue sky, and even the beach in the distance felt so appropriate (that’s the view from my room, in the first three pictures). The lobby, which is designed to look like a boat from above, offers some pretty stunning views of its own, and is constructed largely of reclaimed wood from boats.P1000773IMG_4972Just off the lobby is this infinity-edge water feature, which is awesome enough on its own, but is made even more so by the sunken, round seating areas inside it. P1000816P1000755RIMBA guest rooms are pretty glam! Lots of mirrors and shiny surfaces, including that dramatic, black-and-gray Black Forest Marble. Pretty sure those are my favorite hotel bathroom sinks to date. So deep!  P1000744P1000748A koi pond outside To’ge restaurant, where we ate breakfast both mornings, served up some hilarious entertainment. A mob of the ravenous fish piled up at my feet in hopes of scoring a bite of breakfast when the wait staff handed me a scoop of fish food to toss at them.IMG_4538IMG_4544“Please, miss?”IMG_4545Some crazy and colorful tropical fruits, which I’d never heard of or seen before, grow in Bali, like these beautiful mangosteen. Their texture is a bit like garlic, which threw me off a little, but they’re sweet, tart, and delicious. IMG_4969RIMBA’s spa is one of the prettiest I’ve been to. It’s dark and tranquil, and its beautiful wood mirrors the forest environment outside. I settled in for a luxurious lulur treatment, but I wanted to hang around even after it was over. So serene! IMG_4970P1000772After the spa, I stopped in the lobby, noticing some details that, groggy after 49 hours of traveling, I hadn’t seen when I first arrived. One of my favorite features was this bamboo chandelier, which I tried to imagine disassembling for a good cleaning. Glad I didn’t have to!IMG_4973P1000818I passed this funky bench every day on the way to and from my room—its turquoise “booties” were too cute and gave me the feeling it was about to march away. P1000819P1000814RIMBA—my first taste of Bali couldn’t have been any better! P1000820

6 thoughts on “Bali Diary, Part 1: RIMBA Jimbaran

  1. You photos definately put this on on bucket list. My son is getting married and since they live in Hawaii, I think this my be a great wedding gift!


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