A Week at La Casa Que Canta


Last weekend, we flew down to Zihuatanejo, Mexico, for a super low-key week of R&R. I was especially excited for this trip, as we stayed at La Casa Que Canta, a hotel that had been on my bucket list since the summer of 2002, when a magazine internship in NYC introduced me to the property, and to luxury travel. The hotel was gloriously quiet, its setting was stunning, and its staff was charming to the nth degree. And did I mention the views?

Before we even left Birmingham, my fingers were crossed for endless quantities of guacamole. So imagine my delight when we stepped out on to our private terrace to a welcome bucket of warm chips, fresh guac and salsa, and a couple of chilled coronas. We were in Mexico, alright.

Zihuatanejo Bay was dotted with sailboats all week long. Sail Fest coincided with our stay, but I imagine sailors are drawn to this pretty little place all year round.
P1000505P1000514 P1000515P1000510P1000525
Parasails floated over the bay all week long. I’d never been, and so I added it to the week’s agenda. The afternoon that we set out to do it, nobody was there! Next time.
Housekeeping wrote a sweet “Happy Honeymoon” message in flower petals and greens on our bed, and each night after brought a different design. P1000536 P1000547Our room got the prettiest light in the afternoon. P1000548
A wedding happened on our first night at the hotel. We crashed from our balcony. (And how about that setting?!)P1000552
P1000568 P1000569 P1000570
I instantly loved the hotel’s architecture, especially its wide, winding, pink staircases. P1000578 P1000579 P1000581 P1000582 P1000583 P1000589
Anybody seen the movie When a Man Loves a Woman, with Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan? This is that pool!P1000590 P1000591 P1000592IMG_4227P1000595 P1000598 P1000608 P1000609 P1000620 P1000621 P1000623 P1000624 P1000633 P1000635 P1000637P1000641IMG_4110P1000650 P1000656 P1000672 P1000683
We spent most of the week reading, swimming, and sunning, but we also found our way to Playa la Ropa, where we had a super-casual lunch of fish tacos (and more guac!) on the beach at La PerlaIMG_4125 IMG_4128 IMG_4131IMG_4130
We decided to venture off site for our last night, so we took a taxi into downtown Zihuatanejo on the other side of the bay. It’s lined with souvenir shops, bars, and restaurants and is a busy hub for fishing boats. At Coconuts, we feasted on fish tacos, coconut-crusted shrimp, and bananas flambé, which was prepared tableside with dramatic flair.P1000687 IMG_4270 IMG_4271 IMG_4286
After dinner, we rolled ourselves into a cab and back to the hotel, ready to head home the next morning feeling relaxed and refreshed.
P1000734 P1000738

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