A Travel Warning’s In Effect: What Now?

A blissful moment from my first visit to Mexico: whale-watching near The Arch in Cabo San Lucas

Earlier this year, my now-husband and I decided to postpone a real honeymoon when midyear we moved to a new state and I started a new job. We promised ourselves that we would take one in 2015 and, determined to not fail ourselves, we booked one. In Mexico. At a property that I began dreaming of visiting in the summer of 2001 as an intern at a New York City travel magazine. I was on cloud nine when the reservation confirmation hit my inbox.

But just a few days ago, we learned that several states in Mexico are included on a list of travel warnings and alerts issued by the U.S. Department of State. And sure enough, Guerrero, where we’re headed, is described as one of the country’s most dangerous. (The warning does say that non-essential travel to Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, where our hotel is, need not be deferred. That should make us feel better, right?) Sure, we’ve heard and seen the news about danger along the U.S.-Mexico border and about violence deeper in, but looking for these sweet little resort towns on a list of places too dangerous to visit never crossed my mind.

So here we are, less than two months away from our departure date, flights booked, room confirmed, and unsure what we want to (and can) do. Our inclination is to stick to our plan, behaving as the warning says: Exercise caution, and stay within resort areas. We’ve tossed around a few alternative destinations, but we’re not quite ready to act.

Have you ever faced a travel warning after planning a vacation? Did you forge ahead with your plan or start from scratch? How did you decide?

To be continued…

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