Leif Peeping


Over the last few years I’ve fallen in love with home design, from interiors to furniture to décor. But it’s not something I’ve tried at all very hard to apply in my real life, which I blame on what’s been a pretty nomadic lifestyle. In the 11-plus since years since I finished college I’ve lived in four different cities—and states!—and eight different apartments, counting our current situation. That kind of movement doesn’t exactly inspire one to pour a bunch of blood, sweat, and tears (or cash) into a real design scheme. But while Pinning some gorgeous rooms and fun decorative things earlier this week I was reminded of a site I love called LEIF, which stocks super-colorful, boho-chic, graphic-print house stuff for won’t-break-the-bank prices. (They have great accessories, too.) With our latest move, job change, and wedding now behind us, I’m thinking a few simple swap-ins and updates would go a long way in making our cookie-cutter apartment feel more like a stylish abode. Here are a few things that made it onto my wish list—and might, some day, make it into our home.

1. Brass Hexagon Planter // 2. Herringbone Salt Cellar // 3. 16″ Kilim Pillow, Mystic Journey // 4. Neon Green Geo Laser Cut Artwork // 5. Grid Planter //  6. Confetti-Print Tea Towel (on sale!) // 7. 18″ Kilim Pillow, Bolivian Stripe // 8. Tchaikana Metallic Laser Cut Artwork // 9. Cable Knit Planter // 10. Greyscale Triangles Wool Blanket // 11. Cities Coaster Set // 12. “Hot Pink” Print // 13. “Firecracker” Print // 14. Pyramid Salt Cellar // 15. Rainy Day Wool Throw // 16. Leo Wool Blanket // 17. Copper Patina Planter //  18. Two Tone Stripe Bath Towel

What shops and websites do you love for home décor?

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