Wedding Week, Part 2: A Warm Welcome


In planning our wedding, my Mr. and I decided to skip having a traditional wedding party in favor of asking everyone to come and enjoy themselves strictly as our guests instead. So, without the need for a rehearsal dinner, we planned a welcome dinner for the whole group the night before the wedding to give our guests a chance to meet and make friends prior to the big day. Given that our wedding was set in an adorable New England town, we wanted to keep piling on the charm and host this dinner at a venue that offered water views, fresh seafood, and plenty of space for milling around. That’s exactly what we found in the Black Cow. For months, I worked with the restaurant’s delightful manager, who helped me put together a custom menu, set aside space on the covered deck, and even arrange a cupcake delivery from an outside vendor for a guest’s birthday that fell on that same date. We were treated to balmy breezes and a picture-perfect sunset, which made for a just-right night.






Thanks so much to everyone at the Black Cow for helping us kick off our wedding weekend so smoothly!

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