Wedding Week: Everything’s Nicer in Newburyport


Last October, when my now-husband and I got engaged, we weren’t immediately sure where we wanted to have our wedding. Boston, where we lived (at the time)? West Virginia, where I grew up? Somewhere entirely different, like Napa or Charleston? After several weeks of site visits and waffling, we landed somewhat in the middle of those options: We decided to get married in Newburyport, a sweet little coastal city about 40 miles north of Boston. It was small, charming, and beautiful and free from the sky-high expenses of getting married in the city. And for us, it felt like a destination affair, but without the hassle of long-distance planning. (Little did we know!)

Newburyport has an adorable and entirely walkable downtown, which is filled with cute shops (like Soak, my new favorite place thanks to its bath products, PJs, and robes), specialty stores (Best of British is a must for goodies like rubber wellies, Barbour jackets, Scottish-cashmere scarves, English chocolates, and my favorite British snack, Twiglets), ice cream and candy stores, and wonderful restaurants, like Brown Sugar by the Sea and Brine, to name just two. (Stay tuned for info on two particularly special restaurants in my next posts.) It’s easy to spend a day cruising for music and books, grabbing lunch and beers at a local pub, and even doing a little antiquing.

Newburyport also happens to sit right on the water, which makes for good strolling, sitting, picture taking, and ice-cream eating. One thing we loved most about hosting our wedding there was the idea that our guests would have a number of charming B&Bs and inns to choose from—like this one, this one, this one, and this one—rather than some big-box, brand-name hotels. It made the experience that much more authentic and, along with perfect weather, our most treasured family and friends, and so many fun things to do, one we’ll never forget.

Downtown Newburyport
Second only to our wedding venue, I spent most of my money over the weekend here, at Soak.
Hello from Newburyport’s waterfront!
A gray day on the waterfront, but it didn’t last long.
Newburyport Harbor Range Rear Lighthouse
Some of the hundreds of hand-made soaps at Soak, which we included in our guests’ welcome bags
Twiglets from Best of British (certainly an acquired taste)
A dining nook at the Clark Currier Inn
The Essex Street Inn
The Essex Street Inn

Having our wedding on a Friday night gave our guests (and ourselves!) ample time to enjoy the town, whose offerings are too many and too amazing to squeeze into this post. You can see a more complete overview here, on our wedding website.

Next up: our welcome dinner and wedding day! I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Note: The photos shown here were taken either by me or by my family members, so thanks to them for letting me share their shots here. 

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