The Fluffiest French Toast


The syrup hasn’t even dried on our plates yet and I still couldn’t get this post up fast enough. Good news is that it’s Sunday, which means it’s acceptable to eat breakfast well into the afternoon. So get to the grocery store and get back to your kitchen, because this is the Best. French. Toast. you’ll ever have.

I followed a recipe that I found on the blog One Perfect Bite, which originally came from Cook’s Illustrated. (So you know it’s got to be good!) I couldn’t find a loaf of true brioche or challah bread at my local Winn Dixie this morning, so I bought a big round loaf of fluffy white country bread from the bakery section. I followed this recipe to a tee (almost) and have just two things to offer: 1) The bread I bought was so airy and fluffy that it soaked up quite a bit of the batter—much more than I expected it to. So, you might make a little more batter than the recipe calls for, or just be extra careful to remove your bread slices from the batter at right around 30 seconds; and 2) I’ve checked out a few other French Toast recipes and some suggest toasting or warming the bread slightly in the oven to dry it out and crisp it up before soaking it. I skipped that step, and the result were deliciously donut-y, fluffy, chewy, custardy pillows of perfect French toast.

What’s your go-to breakfast recipe?

3 thoughts on “The Fluffiest French Toast

  1. Cube two potatoes into a hot cast iron skillet. Dice in a half a pepper and a half an onion. Salt pepper and garlic to taste. Get it sizzling and then break 4 eggs over the troop. Shred cheese over the whole thing. Heat up the broiler while it cooks and when the eggs are almost done switch from stovetop to broiler until the top is crispy. Serve with strong coffee and put on hgtv.


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