Polar Light: One Last Dose of Winter

Chandelier 1“Polar Light,” by Arturo Erbsman

It was a long, harsh winter here in Boston, with nasty weather lasting well into March. After weeks of desperately willing warm weather back to the Northeast, though, it seems it’s finally here to stay. So, I’m finding it a touch ironic that the latest object I’m lusting over is a light fixture that’s at its best when the weather’s at its frigid worst. “Polar Light” is an icicle chandelier created by Arturo Erbsman, a young French designer whose work highlights the intersection of manufactured objects and the four elements of nature. The chandelier, which is composed of metal and mesh, was designed specifically to be hung from the branches of a tree in winter, where it captures water that ultimately freezes and forms ice-coated stalactites. Light passing through the ice creates the beautiful ghostly effect pictured above. It almost – almost – makes me wish for one last blast of winter.

Chandelier 4

Chandelier 5

Erbsman showed Polar Light at Milan Design Week 2013. He returned to this year’s event (it wraps up tomorrow) to show his latest series, Water Lamps. Two of my favorites from Erbsman’s new series are “Atmos,” an atmospheric lamp that uses the condensation of water to diffuse light, and “Cumulus,” which the designer calls a “personal cloud storage lamp.”

Atmos“Atmos,” by Arturo Erbsman

Cumulus“Cumulus,” by Arturo Erbsman

What’s your favorite design twist on an everyday object?

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