Graphic (Interior) Design

Graphic Living RoomMy fiancé and I are currently awaiting word on an application we submitted for a new (to us) apartment in Boston’s South End. In addition to dreaming about our easier commutes and the fresh crop of restaurants and bars to check out, the moving process has gotten me thinking a lot about how I’d like to decorate the place. Its exterior is brick, and its inside is light-filled with blonde wood floors. (It’s a nice change from our current place, which feels dark and old, but not in a charming way.) What we’ll decide on remains TBD, but lately I’ve been drawn to graphic pieces with clean lines, neutral colors, and a bold pop of color here and there. A few of these are already sold out, but I love them nonetheless.

1. Plaid blanket (sold out, but wouldn’t you love to look around here for something just as fab?).

2. Chic striped beach towel, which I’d use as a throw.

3. Architectural steel pendant light.

4. Midcentury-modern club chair.

5. Zig-zag pillow (only $22!).

6. Brooklyn Bridge pillow (I’m determined to get this no matter what else we decide on).

7. Cat treat jar (sold out from Crate & Barrel a long time ago).

What’s your interior-design style?

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