Favorite Find: Joerg Daiber’s “Little Big World”

The earliest hours of Saturday morning are among my favorite of the week (second only to the earliest hours of Friday evening, when an entire weekend lies ahead). I usually spend this precious quiet time Pinning and catching up on books, blogs, magazines, and social media. This morning, my mind turned to travel (no surprise there) after finding some fascinating photos and videos on Twitter from faraway places like ChinaJapan, and Norway, as well as cities here in the USA.

My favorite discovery of the morning by far, however, is “Little Big World,” a video series by German filmmaker Joerg Daiber. Daiber’s mini-movies depict daily life in destinations around the world in time-lapse and tilt-shift form, which creates a miniaturized effect – like toy villages sprung to life. Adding to their whimsy are equally fast-moving musical selections, many of which are classical. The combination of scenery, movement, and music makes me want to belly laugh, hold my breath, and cry, all at the same time. They’re pretty magical. Below are a few of my early favorites, but you can see 30-some-odd more on Daiber’s YouTube channel (I’ve already subscribed). Hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Tell me: Who are your favorite travel photographers and filmmakers?

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