Honeymoon Scheming: Part 1

Now that my fiancé and I have set a wedding date, I can’t help but let my mind wander a few steps ahead to our honeymoon. It’s been a long, cold, and snowy winter in Boston, so I’ve been dreaming of far-off destinations soaked with sunshine. But I’ve never been a big fan of laying on the beach for hours and hours on end and I don’t want to spend an entire honeymoon doing that (though, on this 20-degree night, I would happily reconsider). I’ve been scanning the globe in my mind, trying to think of sunny spots that offer a perfect mix of ways to relax and explore. My ideal trip would include some beach time, but mostly a combination of city and country locales where we could enjoy rustic hotels and scenery, wine tastings, long drives with the top down, exploring old city or town streets, lots of simple, rustic, and delicious food, authentic shopping spots for art and ceramics, and ample opportunity for peace, quiet, and tranquility. Who knows if we’ll find a place that captures all of that, but here are two options that seem to come close.

Argentina & Uruguay

I first fell in love with South America when I traveled to Peru with Inkaterra in 2007 (read that article here). I especially loved the Urubamba Valley’s massive mountains, vast blue sky, and golden light, which is how I picture Argentina and Uruguay to be. (Judging from some of these pics, I’m not far off.) Of course, a South American honeymoon wouldn’t be complete without a few days and nights in Buenos Aires, widely known as the Paris of South America. Perhaps a tango lesson or two?

buenos-airesRomantic architecture and cobblestone streets in Buenos Aires (Photo via With Love From Kat)

The Vines Resort SpaMendoza, Argentina (Photo via The Vines Resort & Spa)

Usuai ArgentinaUshuaia, Argentina (Photo via Huffington Post)

Four Seasons Carmelo UruguayPoolside in Carmelo, Uruguay (Photo via the Four Seasons Resort Carmelo Uruguay)

SunsetSunset in Montevideo, Uruguay (Photo via Tumblr)


A week filled with pizza, pasta, gelato, and wine – lots of wine! – seems like the perfect way to celebrate our marriage. Early autumn in Rome sounds (and looks) so romantic! My dream trip to Italy would include a few days exploring every nook and cranny of Rome, followed by a few on the Amalfi Coast (if you’ve never been to the island of Ischia, I highly recommend it!), and a relaxing finale in Tuscany (riding bikes, reading by the pool, sleeping in, touring historic homes, and, yep – sipping wine). I’ve been to Italy twice already – once in high school and once on an assignment, but never as a plain-old grown-up tourist. I love to think about experiencing Italy’s romantic side with my future hubby. 

Rome in the fallRoman streets in autumn (Photo via Kerry Murray Photography for AFAR) 

???????????????????????????????The Spanish Steps and Hotel Hassler (Photo via Forbes)

hotel de russieHotel De Russie’s magical and romantic garden courtyard (Photo via Rocco Forte Hotels)

mezzatoreDusk on the island of Ischia (Photo via Leading Hotels of the World)

tuscanyAnd they lived happily ever after…in a Tuscan vineyard. Does it get any better? (Photo via National Geographic)

Where did you go on your honeymoon? If you could go on a second one, which way would you head?

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