Black Friday Booty

It’s been quite a while since my last post. My (not-so-new-anymore) new job has been keeping me incredibly busy, but some fun projects of late at work have inspired me to pick the blog back up again. I’ve met and worked with so many amazing people who manage to keep their blogs current. If they can do it, so can I.

This time, if for no other reason to organize my own thoughts and start a log of my Christmas shopping efforts, this post is all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. Some of the deals have been too good to pass up, so along the way I’ve been adopting an “a gift for them, a gift for me” approach. (All of the items below were marked down even further from the prices shown – so it’s justified! Right? Plus, I had my eye on a few of these items for a potential warm-weather honeymoon next year, so these finds are doubly justified.) Here are some of my scores, so far (less any gifts, in case anyone I’m shopping for finds this).



Alexia Knit Leather, $99 (on sale)

Haley Striped Knit Dress, $119 (on sale)


Paint-Check-Richie-Dress SMALLER

French Connection Paint Check ‘Richie’ Dress, $59.24 (on sale)


Pom Pom Hat CROP

‘Carrie’ Pom Pom Hat, $14.50 (major sale!)

Caracas Sisal Tote CROP
Caracas Sisal Tote, $64.50 (on sale, further reduced)


Madewell Dress
Twirl Dress in Windowpane Plaid, $138 (25% off with code Feast25)

Looking forward to Cyber Monday and, hopefully, scoring more great deals. Happy shopping!

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