It’s here! My first blog post* is finally—finally—here. For the last 10 years, as a magazine editor I’ve been seeking out and telling fascinating stories about travel, lifestyle topics, home design, and incredible people who do incredible things. Recently, however, I’ve found it a bit of a paradox that I haven’t previously kept a blog. On one hand, I make a living telling other people’s stories, so it should seem natural that I’d want to tell my own, too (shouldn’t it?). On the other, I spend most of my time writing and editing, and I’m always up against a deadline, so finding the time (and the desire) to write about my own life hasn’t always been easy.

But, it’s time. I’ve had some amazing adventures in the past, and more are in the works. Infinite Lindsay is a place where I can record them all, and where I can share anything else that might be plying the infinite depths of my always-active mind.

I’ve decided to skip any type of boring bio. Instead, I’ll let history unfold as needed. If you know me well, or if we’re just getting acquainted, I hope Infinite Lindsay will be a means by which we can share stories, opinions, ideas, and so much more (anyone have a fab tofu-meatloaf recipe handy?).

Lastly, please pardon the mess while I figure this out. I hope you like it here!


(This is me.)

*This is not actually my first blog post. This afternoon, in haste I accidentally deleted my first first post and have so far failed to figure out how to retrieve it. Things are already out of order, but they can only get better from here.

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Congrats, and welcome to the club! I haven’t spent much time on my personal blog in the past few years, but you might just inspire me to get back into it. For the one you lost, there should be an item on your WordPress dashboard for deleted posts. Poke around a little, and you’ll probably find it.


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